A 400 Gig hard disk DVD combi from Sony

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We are blogging live today from the huge Sony Euro bash in Bordeaux, France, where the company is parading its key products for 2005. Most of the gathered journos appear to agree with with Euro CEO Chris Deering who, after admitting that the last couple of years had been lean ones for the company decalared that in 2005 Sony is back with a bang.

In among some amazing products liek the Sony NW HD5 iPod basher and DSC T7 super skinny digital camera we uncovered Sonys flagship DVD hard disk recorder the RDR HX1010. Designed for use with HDTV systems the recorder boasts the HDMI connector required to connect to a HDTV decoder along with a monster 400 Gigabyte hard disk. Other key features include one touch dubbing from the hard disk to a DVD, Intelligent Scene Chaptering which logs the end of a significant scene change and adds a bookmark which can be quickly accesed via a thumbnail image at the begining of each chapter and the usual HD frippery like live TV pause. The DVD part of the recorder can archive on to all recordable DVD formats with the obvious exception of DVD RAM. No clues as to the models price, but Sony has confirmed it will be on sale in September.

Sony also unveiled a DVD recorder in the RDR HX510 which is pictured above. It too has Intelligent Scene Chaptering and pause live TV options. It goes on sale in August

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