Apple announce release of Tiger OS


Apple has just announced their latest
operating system goes on sale on the 29th of April. Dubbed Tiger, this 10.4 build
of Mac’s OS will feature support for 64-bit computing, as well as improved
security. Tiger will cost users £89 for a single license and cost £139 for a
five-user family license. The most talked about features on this new OS are
probably Dashboard’s Widgets, which enable users to quickly check weather,
stock market prices, phone numbers and dictionaries, and Spotlight, a new search

Also of note is that the new version of Safari supports RSS
feeds (although these are already available in Mozilla’s Firefox) and Automator,
which will allow users to automate tasks on their Mac. If you’re buying a Mac
from yesterday onwards (the 12th of April) you qualify for a free
copy, although you have to pay a £12 shipping charge.

Chris Cornwell
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