Xbox 2 rumour round-up


the unveiling a mere month away, here’s the current state of rumours from
sister site Games Digest…

Rumour: Xbox will be supported with new
games until at least 2007.
Status: True, according to microsoft currently.

Rumour: Xbox 2 will be white.
Status: This is based on photos allegedly found
on microsoft’s Xbox 2 viral marketing website, The photos, as
seen here, show a white version of a apparently wire-free controller that looks
remarkably similar to the standard Xbox controller.

Rumour: Xbox 2 controllers will be wireless as standard.
Status: Unconfirmed

Rumour: Halo 2.5 will be pre-installed on Xbox 2’s hard drive.
Status: No idea where this idea of an enhanced Halo comes from. And microsoft have refused to announce whether or not Xbox 2 will be backwards-compatible with Xbox, or even have a hard drive. Let alone a removable one, or one that’s white, or one that comes with Zelda on it…

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