Windows gets imaginative with new XP


In a puzzling leap of imagination, microsoft Corporation has decided on ‘Windows XP Home Edition N’ as the name of its new stripped down version of Windows in Europe. Most noticeably the edition will come minus Windows Media Player. If you remember, the European commission ordered everyone’s favorite monolithic software company to produce this version after finding that microsoft was using its near monopolistic power to distribute its own products, preventing competitors like Musicmatch and Apple from competiting within the market.

Actually, to be entirely truthful, it wasn’t the mîcrospft people that came up with the name, but rather the European Union’s executive. Apparently, it rejected 10 suggestions put forward by microsoft. It sounds like the people at microsoft aren’t best pleased with the name, but have decided to roll with it simply to get on with the launch – due in a matter of weeks in the UK.


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