Sony PSP pixel problem resolved… sort of


Poor old Sony. First it’s been ordered to remove all PlayStation consoles from circulation, and now it’s having problems with latest golden child, the PSP. Since it was released in Japan, there have been rumours circulating that there were a large number of PSPs with stuck light and dark pixels on the screen. After Sony forums were crashed by hordes of angry gamers, demanding a fix, Sony finally responded, saying that "A very small number of dark pixels or continuously lit pixels is normal for LCD screens, and is not a sign of a malfunction," but also added that if the unit was “determined to be defective” by SCEA, the company would repair or replace the product. However, Sony has said that you can only exchange after a week or two of using the unit. For more fun and games about the exact nature of the various different types of blown, lit and dead pixels, check out Tom’s Hardware

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