Fretlight Guitar: guitar tuition for geeks


Learning an instrument is tough; many hours of gruelling practice are required before anything resembling music is produced. Luckily for budding guitarists, Optek has a way to fast track through the novice stage and power straight on to the dizzying heights of fretmeister. The Fretlight Guitar has a simple innovation that amounts to 132 LED’s mounted in the fingerboard and a connection to a PC via USB. The included M-player Midi software conquers the most difficult aspect of guitar playing by lighting up where to your fingers should be. The program is designed to be easy to use and includes a large number of tracks so you can learn a wide range of cords and styles. Certainly this could make learning a lot easierm and the Fretlight Guitar doesn’t seem to have suffered sonically from its extra features, but perhaps the £499 price tag (although you won’t need an amp) is a bit steep, despite the apparently "super cool" status given by the distributors. Optek’s Fretlight Guitar is now available in the UK through Emittor.


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