Sony pays out $91million in lawsuit


Sony is busy with more than the release of the PSP this week; the Japanese mega corporation has been ordered to pay 91 million dollars in a US lawsuit. Immersion Corporation, the company that develops and licenses out digital technology, claims that Sony infringed on its patent by developing Immersion Corporation technology for use in the PS1 and PS2 vibrating dualshock controllers. In fact, Sony has been ordered by the courts to stop selling any of its PlayStations altogether. However, Sony is launching an appeal, and since the appeal date is before the deadline for removing the Playstations from US stores, the company is continuing to supply them to resellers for the time being.

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  • i have a problem with my psp it does not want to download any songs into it i have tried every thing their anything i can do about that. i tried max media withthe usb data cable nothing works

  • When will the appeal take place? What is the likely hood that they will win? Wouldn’t it be a lot safer to settle this kind of case out of court? Can I please get some more info because I plan to buy a PS2 in the near future and would like to know if I should bother doing so.

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