Virgin Radio on your iPod

MP3 players

There’s no stopping the geek contingent at Virgin Radio at the moment. After earlier this week announcing that the station would be available across the globe to anyone with a 3G phone, the Coldplay fans fave music channel is now going to be available as a pod cast. From now on the Pete and Geoff breakfast show can be downloaded to an MP3 player so the user can take the show with them and listen to it whenever they fancy.

Although pod casting has really taken off in the United States it has been slow to catch on in Europe. Accessing the Pete and Geoff pod cast will involve downloading some software and subscribing to the Virgin website. Then each time a person hooks up their iPod to the PC the show is transferred to the player. The really good news for listeners though is thanks to a sponsorship deal with Opera and Expedia the pod cast will be virtually ad-free. The bad news however is that users only get to hear half an hour of the show. Still at least Virgin is to edit out traffic and weather reports for that day.

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