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New Order, the band who made the world’s best selling 12inch single in the 80s, for which they actually made a loss, has come up with a really cool way of promoting their new CD Waiting for the Sirens Call. Using a series of digital interactive posters in HMV in London and Manchester fans of the band will be able to download music clips, photos and ringtones on to their mobie via Bluetooth.

“Technology has always been a driving force for us and we want the promotion of our new album to reflect that,” said drummer Stephen Morris in a statement. “The convergence of music and (cellular phones) is a hugely important development in the way that people consume music; being the first band to hand out free music clips direct to mobile means we are in the vanguard of this industry shift.”

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  • Dear sir!
    I would like to get some info on how u can download or transfer music to a mobile device from a pc , using blue tooth or infra red?
    Do i need to install a program in doing so?
    Please respond as soon as possible!

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