Siemens VoiP/e-mail phone


It may look like a bog standard digital cordless (DECT) phone, but this latest model from Siemens – unveiled at CeBIT 2005 -is actually a rather clever VoIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol) device. Called the Gigaset S35, it connects to a wireless local area network (WLAN) router so you can use it to make calls over the net either via your own network or a wireless hot spot.

Unlike some VoIP services such as Skype you don’t need to have the PC switched on to make/receive calls (though you do need your WLAN router connected, of course.) One particularly neat feature is that you can use the device to pick up basic e-mails even when the PC is switched off.

Another noteworthy feature is an address book for storing names, e-mail addresses, SIP URLs, IP addresses and telephone numbers for 200 people. The phone also support polyphonic ringtones which can be assigned to different callers.

It’s due to launch Winter 2005.


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