CeBIT: Siemens' elegant clamshell

Mobile phones

Difficult to believe that Siemens was recently rumoured to be pulling out of the mobile phones market given the number of new products announced at CeBIT. Latest to be unveiled is the CF75. Described rather lyrically as the ’embodiment of understated elegance’ (it’s a phone isn’t it, not a flipping supermodel?) it’s certainly a neat-enough looking number.

Finished in ‘Ocean Blue’ and with a 65K colour screen, it incorporates a VGA video and stills camera with attachable flash – handy for those incriminating nightclub shots of drunken friends etc. It also comes with a 3D Virtual Assistant (that’s a diary then) and push to talk facility.

Available in the UK, the CF75 is a tri-band model offering, apparently, 250 hours of standby and 150 minutes of talk time. It will be available in the UK from the summer. Price has yet to be announced.


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