Samsung's MP3 line-up

MP3 players

Samsung has taken the wraps off its new range of MP3 players, though at this point we are not entirely sure which models we will get to see in the UK. The most eye-catching model is the YH-J70, a portable video player with a 20 Gigabyte hard disk, closely followed by its smaller brother, the YH-J50, which comes with a smaller 6 Gigabyte drive. As far as audio-only players go, the YP-W3, a 1 Gigabyte flash drive MP3 player contained in a watch, looks the most jaw droppingly cool. The wearable YP-F1 looks like your standard flash drive MP3 player, coming in 256MB, 512MB and 1 Gigabyte varieties. Also coming is the successor to Samsung’s YP-T7, the YP-T8 which comes with a 1.4 inch screen for viewing photos, as well as a flash drive from 256MB-2 Gigabytes of flash memory. Only time will tell if Samsung can make an impact in a market already full of players, notably everybody’s favourite mega-corporation Sony and, of course, Apple.

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