Siemens camera-free business phone

Mobile phones

Siemens is targeting business users with a brand new mobi – the SP65, and its killer feature? Well it is more about what it doesn’t have than what’s on the spec sheet. Notable for its absence is a built-in camera. It seems that many businesses are getting more security conscious, and are hoping that disallowing camera phones will put off more casual attempts at company espionage (think snapping sensitive company documents), voyeurism and other such misdemeanours. It isn’t Siemens first snapper-free handset this year. Last month it delivered the Blackberry powered SK65, which was also camera-less. Apart from that the phone appears to be have the standard business phone package: Tri-band, synchronisation with Lotus Notes and Outlook Express, a 65k screen with 176 x 132 pixels, among other things.

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