Pymusique 2-1 Apple

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In another interesting twist in the most recent war between the creators of Pymusique – a piece of software that disables the iTunes digital rights management system  (DRMS)- and Apple, Pymusique has been able to re-open the hole so recently patched by Apple. In a recent blog posting, DVD Jon, author of Pymusique, says that he has already reverse engineered Apple’s latest patch, and people can now legitimately buy music (with DRMS, of course) from the iTunes music store using a Pymusique client. Provided, off course, that you are using a Linux OS on your PC. What Apple will do next is anybody’s guess, but a lawsuit would be our guess. Although this is all very entertaining it does seem there is only one clear loser – the iTunes customer who may well be repeatedly forced into downloading more updates and facing even tighter security restrictions. Watch this space for more info.

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