CeBIT: Plantronics' fashion headset

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We’ve got a few stories still to catch up on from CeBIT which we’ll be bringing you throughout the day. First up is this Bluetooth headset from Plantronics. It’s not just Jabra that’s gone all fashion conscious on us, Plantronics’ latest consumer headset – codenamed Tahiti – has been designed to appeal to those not normally enamoured with the idea of striding about the place talking to a lump of plastic attached to their ear. The tiny headset (it weighs less than 9g) not only looks rather appealing, it’s also got a number of nice little features that set it apart from the crowd. Arriving in a travel case (complete with mirror so you can check your headset isn’t wonky or anything horrifying like that), the Tahiti comes with a choice of charging options.

The first charging unit plugs onto the bottom of the headset. It’s actually a selection of 4 different adapters, allowing you to use your phone’s power plug instead of having to carry a separate one with you. Siemens, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola adapters are the chosen ones.

In another moulded storage compartment comes a dock that you can stick in your bag or pocket to top the power up any time. This uses an old fashioned AAA battery to boost you up to a 25-hour battery life. There’s also a storage dock that keeps the tiny headset safe when out of use.

A vibrate alert lets you know when a call is coming through, letting you know when it’s time to lift the headset out of its dock to take a call. Lifting it out answers the call immediately. Now it just needs an LCD screen and you’ll be all set.

The headset comes with3 different earbud sizes as well as an optional ear loop for added security, and should be out in the summer of this year.

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