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Korean manufacturer Pantech had a fair few phones on show, including some smartphones and some rather impressive concept handsets. The ST3 is the company’s DMB (Digital Multiedia Broadcasting) handset (picture after the turn), with a swivel screen for watching widescreen. Since this technology is just getting going in Korea, we’re assuming it’ll be a while before something like this arrives over here. But not as long as it will take something like this beetle phone to arrive. This was over in the concept section, a staple of CeBIT, which seems to consist mainly of far-fetched plastic creations plucked from the mind of a slightly crazed designer. The keyboard on this handset opened up to reveal stereo speakers underneath, making it a three-tiered phone.

Pic via Phonemag

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One thought on “CeBIT: Pantech Mobiles

  • dears

    i want to know that a battry of pantech mobile like model g1 100 how long time it takes for first time to charge ( 3,6 or 9 hrs … ) as it is not mentioned in manual ( english language)
    my 2nd query is if mobile batry is under charging and its flip cover is close too, what sort of indication ther is to see that batry is still being charged as sub display on flip cover is giving nothing as its dark but pantech light on flip cover flicking in diffrent lights, can we say that it is means of indication if stop flicking in diffrent colors mean stop charging .
    i wud be gratful if yo should advise me urgently as i want to use my recent abv stated model which i bought yestardaywithout any problem.

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