CeBIT: iCare mobile for kids

Mobile phones

I bumped into the people from Mymo whilst traipsing the halls of CeBIT. The people at the children’s phone manufacturer weren’t best pleased with UK company Communic8 for pulling out of the UK distribution of the phones after all the hoo-hah about the dangers of mobiles for young brains. It hasn’t deterred other companies from trying their hand at pre-teen mobile making, however. The i-Care Baby Bear cell phone from GuideTek Technology is even more cutesy than the Mymo, but has the disadvantage of only being at plastic prototype phase rather than plastic finished product phase. The cheerful Taiwanese people running the stand talked me through the handset, which is so simple even an adult could use it. No screen, four speed dial keys on the hands and feet and that’s about it. The upcoming model will also include a GPS locater so anxious parents can keep track of their wandering tots.


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