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President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata used his Game Developers’ Conference speech to announce some details on its next generation console, codenamed "Revolution". The system, according to Iwata, is to be backwards-compatible with the GameCube, feature wireless and WiFi connectivity and is built to be easy to develop for. Reggie Fils-Aime, Executive VP of sales and marketing in the US also said the Revolution would not be launched alongside microsoft’s Xbox 2 at the end of 2005, citing microsoft’s early move as a "mistake it doesn’t make sense for us to follow."

Iwata also reminded the audience that despite both microsoft and Sony potentially boasting the above functions too, the Revolution is meant to be something different: "The game experience will be very different for players," Iwata said.

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  • you can change to a ps2 type control scheme no self respecting gamer would touch a ps2 control set up ps2 controls stink and is based on 16bit era controls and unusable anologs cubes pad is the most cumfy and presice ever made FACT and the control scheme nintendo will us is most likly gyro based controllers one in each hand gyro plus anolog plus triggers will mimic pads mouse and natual hand movments with ease imagine running round as link in a zelda game with gyro weapons and upgraded gameplay imagine prime or a halo type game with gyro cannons guns etc imagine using dual gyro to mimic using a per of hands in game imagine aiming 2 weapons one in each hand via gyro wilst you run thru a level using anolog stick dual gyro anolog pods one for each hand in a organic easy to hold design its so simple gyro is the next gen way of play just like dual screen and touch screen is the future of handhelds psp and ps3 will be left obselete by these inprovments THINK ABOUT IT

  • a source inside nintendo, told me that an aspect of the revolution is its control scheme.

    It is a touch pad design which will allow the developer to configure the button any way they want.

    For example for one game you could have a gamecube control scheme, and for another game change the control scheme to a ps2 control scheme.

    pretty smart nintendo

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