Onkyo introduces iPod control

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And the award for most fascinating press shot of the week goes to Onkyo. Or then again maybe not. Though it might look a little bit like part of a tube station map this is actually a picture of the company’s remote interactive (RI) port. Nothing new in that – it’s been on the back of Onkyo systems for about ten years. The big news is that the Japanese company has now got together with Apple to produce an iPod docking station and control unit which uses the IR port.

What this means is that owners of Onkyo AV amps will be able to control their iPod’s digital music output via their remote controls – a first for the hi-fi industry. One cable connects from the docking station to the RI port on the Onkyo and two phono cables connect to the Onkyo’s tape deck input.

The only downside is that Onkyo amps won’t (initially anyway) be able to display the iPod’s track lists etc. on the front of the unit or TV screen. This means you will still need to look at the iPod to change album. An upgrade is expected next year.

Pictures and pricing of the iPod docking station have yet to be announced, but it’s expected to go on sale mid-2005.


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