DAB radio that talks to you


Now available from PURE Digital is the world’s first speaking DAB radio (why the vast majority of people would want one we’re not quite sure though blind people will be very grateful no doubt). Featuring iVOX voice feedback technology, the SONUS-1XT uses recorded speech to provide selectable voice feedback for anything from the time, to your alarm settings, to the full set-up of the radio. Scroll through the selection of available stations and hear them in apparently human (ie. not Stephen Hawking robotic) tones. You can even choose a male or female voice.
PURE SONUS-1XT DAB Digital Radio with… 

Based on the Evoke-1, The Sonus-1XT also lets you hear the time, tells you your alarm settings and can talk you through settings or presents. It’s available priced at around £119.99

Features list:

Easy to read full-screen graphical display and DAB scrolling text
Two independent alarms to enable different setting for you and your partner for weekdays/weekends – or simply for a backup alarm – all of which can be set to different stations or a simple alarm tone
Touch sensitive Snooze-Handlesnoozes the alarm and indicates time/alarm settings with one or two taps
Sleep button switches off automatically after 15, 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes.
Alarm setting where you can fall asleep to one station and wake up to another Nine event timed record function for use with MiniDisc or other recording device
Ten station presets – including station select by name, scrolling display which shows track information, news and sports results and more station choice
Clock is automatically updated from the broadcast DAB time signal so you never have to worry about the clocks going back/forward
Volume Equalisation Technology means that your SONUS-1constantly monitors the audio levels of every station and subtly adjusts their relative volume levels over time – keeping to your preferred volume setting – even if you switch between stations
Integrated full-range hi-fi speaker featuring a bass reflex port for enhanced bass performance
USB connector enables you to keep your SONUS-1XT Up-to-date by downloading software upgrades from an internet connected PC

    PURE SONUS-1XT DAB Digital Radio with…

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