World's "smartest" iron


That’s smartest as in clever, not as in neat and tidy – although that’s what your clothes should be after Laurastar’s Magic i-S5 iron has had a go at them. This is apparently the world’s most intelligent iron and, coupled with the Steamup iG5 ironing board, it should reduce ironing times by up to 50%. How does it do this? Using the age old magic of steam. As soon as it detects forward motion the iron sends out a blast of twice heated steam. But where it veers from the path of standard ironing is in its dry heat application. As soon as the iron stops or is moved backwards, dry heat is delivered, "setting" the fabric. And it’s not just the iron that’s got brains. The ironing board comes with a built in ventilation system, allowing the iron to "ride across fabrics on a wave of air" as the press release poetically puts it. Cambridge Consultants is the company to come up with the scheme, creating this new range of ironing systems for Laurastar. The products will be launched in April for between £199 (€269) and £699 (€999).


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