Wany's robot vacuum cleaner


One of our fave companies at the show is French robots specialist Wany, an OEM maker that licenses its products to other manufacturers.

This year it not only displayed the wonderful Zig Zag Zog, (an alien in a spaceship that zips round your floor using artificial intelligence and on-board infrared sensors to avoid obstacles), it also took the wraps off its first ever robot vacuum cleaner.

The as yet unnamed device is like a bigger and fatter version of the Roomba. However in terms of the way it works and the navigation system it uses it has more in common with pricier robots like Electrolux’s Trilobite.

A spokesperson for Wany told us that the key difference between its cleaner and the Roomba is that its model sets out a defined, ordered systems for cleaning a room, whereas the Roomba has a more random approach.

The Wany model will be available in two guises shortly, a high-end model retailing for around $6-700 and a budget version designed to take on the Roomba. Wany also unveiled the prototype of another robot which we’ll give you more details on next week.

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