CES awash with Bluetooth stereo headphones

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Last year we rashly predicted that 2004 would be the year music lover cut the cord on their personal audio players and listened to them via Bluetooth wireless headsets. Well we were only a few weeks out as CES is awash with wireless headsets largely working with hard disk based MP3 players.

We have already tipped you off about iCombi Bluetooth headphones, but it turns out that its wireless cans are the same as the ones being displayed at CES by Toshiba (the Reg has the details here). There’s also a company called Ten Technology which is about to start shipping the Naviplay Bluetooth adapter for the iPod which comes with wireless headphones apparently made by HP (although they look like all the other Bluetooth phones we have seen).

Then there’s Creative, which paraded a wireless solution for its Zen range of players over a year ago. At CES it has been displaying its wireless system which doesn’t use Bluetooth but rather a near field technology developed by Aura Communications. To our ears the sound quality was better than the Bluetooth models we have heard. Sadly no word on a launch date though.

Finally we’ll be off to NHJ later today to check out its Bluetooth personal audio player, the VHD 5500. Our first demo back in October was pretty impressive with great sound at over metres away from the player.

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One thought on “CES awash with Bluetooth stereo headphones

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