iPod accessories round-up

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According to Gary Shapiro, CEO of CEA which runs CES (been waiting all week to type that), each time an American buys an iPod within a month or so they buy a couple of accessories to go with it.

Not surprisingly then CES is teeming with small and start up makers eager to grab a slice of the iPod pie. There’s too many to go into detail, but Playlist has done a pretty good job of rounding them up here. Among our faves is the Movie Player from Nyko pictured here. There are a few additional items we have spotted which we’ll post on Tech Digest in the next day or so.

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One thought on “iPod accessories round-up

  • Here’s the coolest iPod accessory in town. It’s a vibrator that vibrates in rhythm to music on your iPod or other MP3 player you hook it up to: The iBuzz Vibrator. Now that’s what I call technological progress!

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