MyMo Withdrawn after health fears

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Poor old Communic8, the company that masterminded the first mobile phone aimed directly at children. The MyMo phones may have been designed for the children’s market (4-8 year olds), but the phones were aimed more at worried parents wanting to keep track of their offspring’s whereabouts (after all, young kids want the same trendy, feature rich mobiles the older kids have got). However, before the phones really had a chance to stand or fall on their own (we were expecting the latter, but maybe we’re just getting too curmudgeonly in our old age) they’ve been pulled from the market after the recent report about the dangers of mobile phones for children.

The National Radiological Protection Board report published today by Professor Sir William Stewart did not actually claim that mobile phone emissions are dangerous. The professor did say, however, that he believes that mobiles may well be a health risk despite the lack of current evidence. He said that "if there are risks – and we think there may be risks – then the people who are going to be the most affected are children, and the younger child, the greater the danger."

MyMo evidently believes that pulling the phone from the UK market is the only solution, and the basic phone with its limited functionality looks unlikely to make a come back. Still, there’s always its Silver phone – the handset designed for old people. Fame and fortune may still await them after all.

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