NTL and Telewest join ranks against Sky

Satellite TV, Video Reviews

Good news for cable lovers. NTL and Telewest are apparently about to launch a set top box service that will take on the might of BSkyB’s Sky Plus service. It’ll be a service with a difference, though, since the two companies are planning to offer video-on demand downloads. Subscribers to the service will be able to download films and TV shows to watch as and when they want. Well, we say as and when they want, but in fact you’ll only be able to keep the programmes and films for up to 24 hours after you’ve paid for the download. Sony and Disney will apparently be providing the films and it shouldn’t cost any more than your local video rental shop. NTL’s releasing the service in Glasgow first for trials, while Telewest will begin its trials in Bristol in the coming weeks. A Sky Plus-style personal video recorder should be appearing later this year and until it does, a video on demand service isn’t likely to leave Sky quaking in its metaphorical boots.


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