MacWorld: Steve Jobs' Keynote

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Well, the keynote is under way and while we all sit impatiently waiting for news of all these iPod Flashes and iPod phones and everything else the various tech sites have been whipping themselves into a frenzy speculuating over, it sounds like Steve Jobs has just been making some software announcements. So far, that is.

Mac OS X is getting an update. Tiger will be shipping in the first half of 2005 and will come with 200 new features, the most important of which is Spotlight, a desktop search engine that lets you find anything you want, searching 250,000 files instantly. microsoft will also be adding support for Spotlight to its Mac applications. There will also be Automator: an app that initiates routine tasks and a new version of Mail – which Spotlight can also search through.

New "Smart Mailboxes" monitor the content of your emails and react accordingly. For example, images sent as attachments will automatically initiate a slideshow button that lets you click to view the images or save them straight into your iPhoto library.

For full details, and even more coverage of the software updates on offer, check out Engadget’s brilliant minute by minute account here.

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