V@MP Media Player with 60GB of memory

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Continuing that long and annoying tradition of replacing all ‘a’s for @ signs, the V@MP Media player is a 60GB MPEG-4 player from NHJ (the same innovative company that brought you the Wrist Watch TV and those Bluetooth headphones). The player comes in a rather retro-looking black finish, or in every gadget-lover’s current favourite silver hue. The 2.5-inch 60GB memory can hold up to 30,000 music files, around 100,000 JPEG images, or 60 hours of MPEG-4 movies. There’s also a memory card slot (SD/MMC) if you get greedy for more. It’s got a 3.5-inch screen for movie and picture viewing and a built in TV tuner in the docking station so you can record TV straight onto it.

GadgetShop is selling it now for £399.

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