V-Tec – Britain's answer to the iPod

MP3 players

It may not be as purty as the iPod, but V-Tec’s V-MMV Player is hoping to garner a bit of interest by offering a load more features. It’s a bit larger than the iPod and comes with a pretty standard 20GB of memory, but a quick run-down of the rest of the specs suggests that it’s got some unusual features to offer. A 2-inch colour LCD, 13-in-1 card reader (are there really 13 memory cards now? We’ve obviously not been paying enough attention), MPEG1 and motion JPEG playback, MP3, WMA, Audio CD and WAV music file playback and TV Out connector – all this coupled with a JPEG viewer that can show pictures up to 16 megapixels in size.

All pretty impressive we admit. One downside is that the battery life only lasts for 4 hours when showing video (no quote on music playback battery life) and there’s also the question of how many people will want to watch video on a tiny 2-inch screen. It’ll cost you £363.66.

V-Tec [Via MacWorld]

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