TD ruins your weekend


Move over Jon Ronson and tell Alexander Chancellor the news – this week’s Guardian Weekend magazine been over-run by the Shiny Media team.

Shiny Shiny Editor Katie Lee cherry-picks the coolest and most colourful gadgets, Games Digest mainman Simon Munk puts a videogame virgin through her paces, occasional TD and Shiny contributor Caramel Quin attempts to prove that not all gadgets are an environmental disaster waiting to happen and TD’s digital janitor Ashley Norris checks out retro gadgets, most of which he probably remembers from the first time they launched.

The gadget supplement also features a couple of up and coming tech writers in Zoe Williams and Mil Millington, who we might just let grace these pages one day provided they can match our peerless editorial standards. The supplement looks even better in print as The Guardian spent the equivalent a Premiership player’s weekly Cocaine allowance on photography too. We are off to buy about 100 copies now.

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