Telewest's new 4Mb Broadband


Cable company Telewest Broadband has uppped its cable broadband offering and will soon be supplying faster internet connection speeds at no additonal fee. The big news is that the bandwith upgrades include a 4Mbps cable service for those previously using 3Mbps (with an upload boost from 256Kb to 384Kb). This is the fastest consumer broadabnd service in the UK with the exception of services in London offered by Bulldog Communications. There’s no cap on Telewest’s Blueyonder internet services, so you can browse away to your heart’s content. As well as the 3Mb connection, the 1.5Mb and the 750Kb services will also be getting a bump up, with the 1.5Mb becoming 2Mb and the 750Kb going up to 1Mb. The only one to remain unaltered is the 256Kb entry level deal, which is on offer at £14.99 a month for the first 12 months (and £17.99 a month after that). The upgrades are being rolled out during December and will be ready by the new year.

Keep reading for full pricing info, or go to Telewest’s blueyonder page.

Details from press release follow:

blueyonder broadband 4Mb
The flagship 3Mb service will become an even faster 4Mb connection, offering download speeds up to 80 times faster than dial-up access, for the same price of £50 a month. The upload speed will also be increased from 256Kb to 384Kb.

blueyonder broadband 2Mb
The 1.5Mb service will get a boost to 2Mb, still at £35 per month blueyonder broadband 1Mb.

blueyonder broadband 1Mb

The standard service will increase in speed from 750Kb to 1Mb and still cost £25 per month.

blueyonder broadband 256Kb
The entry-level 256Kb service will remain unchanged and is currently on offer for £14.99 per month (for the first 12 months, £17.99 thereafter).

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