Flash iPod in January?

MP3 players

Wicked iPod whispers number one: it appears that a flash memory version of the world’s favourite music player is just a couple of months away. According to a story on Apple Insider, Apple will debut the flash iPod at its next big Expo in San Francisco in January.

Apparently, the player will sport a similar interface to the iPod and iPod mini and come in several versions with storage ranging from 256MB to one Gigabyte.

Sales of flash players are pretty good at the moment especially as storage capacity has moved way beyond the album and a couple of bus tracks capacity of 64MB through to one Gigabyte as offered by Sony and iRiver.

Sony is already hinting that two and even three-Gigabyte players will launch next year.

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  • Wow! We had no idea! Next you’ll be telling us that Mil Millington is a best selling author and columnist or something.

  • For some reason the comments link wasn’t active for the Guardian gadget post.

    However, just to clear up a slight inaccuracy, known only because I live with a woman: Zoe Williams is a writer for Now (z-list celeb mag) and Guardian Sat Magazine. She just got dragged in to hang the article about games on, not as a hot new gadget journo.

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