Ancient Relic from Mobile history

Mobile phones

Here’s a little blast from the past. This is the Motorola 8200 that launched ten years ago to the day (actually, we don’t know about that "to the day" bit, but it sounds more impressive if we say that). It had the undoubted distinction of being the first GSM mobile handset ever to feature vibrating ring tones (insert your own fruity comment here). Give it 20 years and people will start showing up on Antiques Roadshow with 8200s in their original box. If you want a phone that has no support for WAP or JAVA, no polyphonic ringtones, no colour screen, no camera, no infrared or Bluetooth, and a talk time of just 60 minutes, this is the handset for you. Apparently, they come up every now and then on eBay.

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