Vodafone: The Next Generation

Mobile phones

Big day for Vodafone tomorrow. The world’s largest phone company is launching its 3G service over here in the UK. Its got more 3G handsets than any of its competitors some of which look very promising indeed. The handsets are already pretty well established (start getting excited about the Sony Ericsson V800 and the 2-megapixel Sharp V902sh which we’re hoping will be among the first launched) so we’re not expecting any big surprises. 

According to The Reg, the advertising and marketing campaign is set to cost the company £100 million, a fair portion of which, we’re hoping, has been spent on the champagne for tomorrow’s launch party. After forking out £14 billion for 3G rights in Europe, and with further investment taking that figure up to £22 billion, Vodafone’s going to have to make this work if it wants to stay around.

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