Sky's designer boxes

Satellite TV

As if Sky’s Sky+ box isn’t appealing enough (record any programme for the next week you want into the box’s hard drive just by pressing a button), Sky has teamed up with a load of UK fashion designers to produce some nice limited edition boxes. Good news as far as we’re concerned – we’re getting tired of the stacks of silver boxes that are piling up under our TV. Matthew Williamson, Cath Kidston, Neisha Crosland, Wale Adeyemi and Eley Kishimoto worked on the designs.

Matthew Williamson’s dragonfly design looks set to be the firm favourite (we’ve seen it and it’s lurvely). The boxes are on sale from Monday 8th November, and they’re bound to sell out in about 6 seconds because they cost the same as a standard box – £199 + standard installation. They’re on sale exclusively in Selfridges Oxford Street, Selfridges Birmingham Bull Ring and Selfridges Manchester Trafford.

Call TechZone at Selfridges on 0207 318 3688 to order yours.

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