3's video dating stunt

Mobile phones

Looking for lurve? Then get yerself down to Selfridges in London to leave your own video dating message.

Mobile phone company 3 may be making most of its money out of cheap voice calls at the moment (see 3G story here) but it hasn’t given up on the potentially lucrative video messaging market just yet. For this week only you can leave a message on a 3 phone in Selfridges window – you can even get a bit of a makeover at the same time so you look half decent for the camera. Alternatively, you can send in your own video dating message using your own 3 phone to www.endoftheblindddate.com .

Visitors to the website can vote on the best ‘contestants’ with the top 50 men and 50 women selected for a special video dating event at the ICA in London in November.

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