Toshiba's 60GB music player

MP3 players

Toshiba’s latest 60GB Gigabeat is part of a new range of Gigabeat F Series music players. All three players (the other two are 10GB and 20GB) use Toshiba’s new 1.8-inch hard drives, with the 60GB version the first of its kind available. The design is a bit of a change from the company’s other Gigabeat models, with a more iPod-like shape to it. The 2.2-inch colour LCD sets it apart, however, and the plus sign-shaped control pad also gives it a more individual look. Battery life is cited as around 11 hours. There’s still no current plans to launch the players over in Europe, but Tosh hasn’t yet ruled it out altogether. It’s puzzling that the company is content just to sell to the Japanese market when it would surely do so well over here.


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