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The Ogo messaging device is a strange little machine that uses mobile phone technology without actually being a mobile phone. Instead, it’s designed to work as a text only device that lets you send Instant Messages, emails and text messages without including any voice capabilities. The intended market is the youth market, since they’re the ones sending all the IMs and texts. The qwerty keyboard means you’ll be able to knock out an awful lot of text at a reasonable rate, which should keep the service providers happy. There’s no definite news on which companies will be carrying the handset, but it definitely looks set to appear on the UK market fairly soon. Pricing in America is currently $99 for the handset and $17.99 a month for the messaging plan.

Ogo Key Features & Highlights

Details from the press release:

Ogo is packed with features, including:
▪ “Clamshell” design unfolds to display large, color screen and keypad;
▪ Full QWERTY keypad and 8-way navigation joystick pad;
▪ 4K color display;
▪ Compact size and weight: 11.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 2.5 cm (closed) and 4.8 ounces;
▪ Special “hot keys” for simple navigation — including a special “emoticon” button for inserting emoticons into IM chats and an “Ogo” button to view all active messages and chats on one screen for easy multitasking;
▪ Instant messaging on all three leading providers — enables users to view and conduct unlimited chat sessions with buddies on Yahoo!, MSN, and AOL® instant messaging services;
▪ E-mail on all three leading providers — send and receive unlimited email from Yahoo!, MSN and AOL® accounts;
▪ Text messaging or SMS (Short Message Service) — send and receive unlimited text domestic messages to and from standard wireless phones;
▪ Consolidated inbox — view all e-mail and text messages in a consolidated mailbox or sort by individual account;
▪ Special animated features — Assign unique sounds and visual animations to different IM friends/contacts so users hear a different sound when each IM contact comes on-line or sends a message;
▪ Access to e-mail from other select Internet Service Providers and POP3 accounts at no additional charge;
▪ No annual service contract — automatic credit card payment for new activations;
▪ “Grab-n-Go” self-activation — on-device activation wizard gets users up and running themselves.

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