IRiver's 1GB Flash player

MP3 players

One gigabyte of Flash memory? That’s more like it. Being able to store a sensible amount of music suddenly makes iRiver’s latest flash-based player, the iFP-900, look a whole lot more appealing. The player, which is also available in 256MB and 512MB capacities, is being touted as the company’s flagship model for the Christmas period. The small, silver player includes a 1.2-inch colour LCD display screen with 260K colours that can be used for showing JPEGs and BMP image files. The battery life will apparently supply up to 40 hours of music playback.

Other features include an FM tuner, direct recording from the radio, built-in mîcrophone and an alarm clock. There’s also a combined analogue and digital line-in so you can record form external audio signals. All in all, some nice features on the little players. Shame they’re still so pricey. The RRPs are set at £169 for the 256MB model, £224 for the 512MB one and £270 for the 1GB version.

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