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The two most interesting machines in Philips’ latest batch of releases are the DVDR725H and the HDRW720. These two multi-format DVD recorders are also hard disk drives, with 160GB and 80GB of storage respectively – room for 250 hours and 130 hours of programmes.

Any programmes you watch are automatically stored on the six-hour hard drive buffer, giving you the opportunity to watch them again, transfer them properly into the hard drive, or record them onto DVD.

If you’re watching a programme and recording it at the same time, you can opt to watch the show from an earlier point without interrupting your recording. You can also watch a stored programme while recording another.

The Guide Plus+ Interactive Programme Guide means you can get your recordings sorted a week in advance.

With people – especially younger people – beginning to spend more time on the Internet than watching TV, it will be interesting to see how recorders such as these will affect people’s viewing habits.

Philips has also launched a number of other products. Details from the press release follow:

DVDR610, DVDR615, DVDR520H and DVDR630VR

The new range starts with the entry-level DVDR610 and step-up DVDR615 that offer up to eight hours recording. The DVDR520H is the lead-in DVD recorder/Hard Disk player with its 80GB HDD allowing up to 130 hours of recording time. Like the DVDR725H and HDRW720, the DVDR520H offers Instant Replay and Pause Live TV functionality and one-touch recording from the hard drive to DVD disc at x12 speed.

The DVDR630VR is Philips’ first DVDR/VCR, combining the benefits of a Long Play/record Nicam stereo VCR and DVD+R/RW recorder that allows up to six hours recording on a disc.

Connectivity is extremely generous with RGB Scart and i.Link present on all models except the DVR610, while the DVDR630VR also features progressive scan enabled component video output.

Due: Now
RRP: £550

Due: September
RRP: £650

Due: September
RRP: £450

Due: August
RRP: £280

Due: August
RRP: £250

Due: October
RRP: £400

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