Swap your tat


What goes around, comes around, and what better thing to revive than the joyful innocence of Saturday Swapshop? Long before Keith Chegwin proved that Cheggars can be boozers (old joke; still funny), before he’d treated us all to the sight of him stark nekkid on Channel 5, Swapshop was a show that allowed kids the chance to exchange their old crap for someone else’s.

And this simple, yet superior idea has inspired a new website. Swop me (they spelled it wrong, not us) is an online swap shop where people pay £1 for goods so long as they’ve put an unwanted item online first.

The site specialises in things like DVDs, CDs, computer games, magazines and books. While this makes the whole process so much easier, there’s always going to be that feeling in the back of your mind that some fool on eBay might have paid a fortune for your old copies of Look-In if you hadn’t already swapped them for a load of SEGA Megadrive games.

Swop me

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