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The tech heads over at Boys Stuff have been having a play about with their e-Pandora software, looking at the spending habits of the nation. Turns out, there’s a whole new vein of regional stereotyping opportunities out there just waiting to be mined.

For reasons we’re unable to fathom some gadets sell far better in some areas than in others. One of the most obvious differences was between ancient rivals, Yorshire and Lancashire. When it came to gadgets, the Mancs are, as ever, Mad For It, going crazy for the MiniMoto motorbike. Over in Yorkshire, however, they seem to be far more reluctant to hand over cash for the latest boys toys, wanting nothing to do with the MiniMotos at all (or should that be “nowt to do wi’em?” …er, probably not actually. Sorry).

Up in Scotland, the Highlanders are almost as keen as the Lancastrians on their technology. They account for a fair proportion of Boys Stuff’s sales on all its gadgets. All its gadgets, we should say, except the Robosapien, which they don’t appear to like at all. Why they’d go for everything but that is anyone’s guess.

When it comes to the Orgasmatron head massager and the Omax vibrating “back” massager (yeah, right, it’s for your back) the Welsh are looking a little tense, with the valley boys not interested at all. We’re not going to make any regional slur about their fondness for sheep, but they’re obviously not too bothered about keeping the ladies sweet with sensual massage. (They sell well in the Home Counties though – if you’re after a bit of posh totty, ladies.)

The La-Z-boy armchair that Joey and Chandler play on in Friends sells ridulously well in Luton, which means those silly people who say “I’m going to Bedfordshire” when they mean bed, may actually be telling the truth.

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