The nation's first music downloads chart

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The singles chart in the UK maybe looking increasingly sickly, but, as we all know, the world of online music downloads is fighting fit and growing stronger by the day. And, unsurprisingly, radio is beginning to want a piece of the action.

Virgin Radio
is launching the nation’s first online music chart, to be broadcast from Sunday 29th August at 7pm. The sales figures that make up the music chart are being taken from Napster, with a countdown of the top 20 tracks sold on Napster’s online store.

The chart will register full-length live streams and downloads made on subscription, as well as permanent downloads. It’ll be interesting to see how music downloads differ from normal single sales. We predict more goth tunes making the top 20, since goths don’t like to go out in the sunlight too much. Virgin radio certainly thinks (hopes) so – it’s giving away a day with Robert Smith of The Cure as a promo for the countdown. Plus, it won’t really fit with Virgin’s demographic if it turns out that online shoppers are downloading Busted and Rachel Stevens tunes.

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