No upgrades for Dell and HP PDAs


The recent announcement from HP and Dell that they wouldn’t be supplying Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition upgrades for their older devices has left a number of people feeling justifiably peeved. Two online petitions have been started in a bid to change the minds of the manufacturers. The HP petition currently has around 6837 signatures, while the Dell version has just over 3000.

The petitions refer to the HP iPAQ h19xx, h22xx, h38xx, h39xx, h41xx, and h5xxx series, and the Dell Axim X5 and X3 handhelds. Since a simple software upgrade is all that is needed, the petitioners feel that Dell and HP are obliging them to buy new handhelds when their old ones are easily upgradeable. Possibly something to do with the fact that HP has just announced a new range of handhelds across the price range, while Dell only recently launched its X30 range (in the same chassis as the X3) all running 2003 SE.


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