Endemol taking over our mobiles

Mobile phones

Not content with dominating our summer schedules with the likes of Big Brother and Restoration, Endemol has announced that it’s to launch the first soap opera in the UK… for your mobile phone.

The soap, which is to follow the story of a DJ in Ibiza (how 1990’s!) who has lost her identity and is trying to find it again. The fabulously misspelled “FanTESStic” will be an 80-episode comic strip that will run for 16 weeks. Followers of the story will receive an MMS of the strip every day, which will cost £1.50 for five weekly instalments.

Apparently, the soap has already been a success in Spain and is aimed at the 10- to 24-year demographic (slightly depressing for the 20-somethings to be lumped in with tweenagers). The soap has been shot with real actors and then rendered into a virtual world by computer graphics. Endemol seems confident that it will be able to flog ads on the back of it – probably as sponsorship or product placement.

Watch out for the inevitable MMS spin-offs of your favourite TV shows.


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