VHS goes digital

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This is a gadget that your mother would like. All those old VHS videos she’s got of you in your first school play/egg and spoon race/naked in wellies in the paddling pool (at the age of 25)? Well now she can convert them from analogue to digital using Plextor’s ConvertX PX-M402U and keep them for all eternity. The ConvertX has support for a variety of MPEG video/audio compression standards, including MPEG-4. It will also convert to DivX in real time, so you can film and convert on the fly.

You can connect the box to a video source–such as an analogue or digital camcorder, DVD player, VCR, or television– via a selection of AV connections, including RCA Composite Audio/Video Input, S-Video Input. Then it’s just a case of burning the files to CD and DVD and you can enjoy your home videos in glorious digital.


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