Sennheiser Happy Clappy headphones

Home cinema

While we may live in disposable society, there’s nothing wrong with trying to do you bit for the environment with a spot of recycling. The HD 555 (£99.95) headphones from Sennheiser have been designed so that when the headphones start to give up the ghost, you can replace the bits that need fixing rather than chucking them out and buying a new pair.

Sennheiser, a company that specialises in very high quality headsets for DJs, aeroplane pilots and other headphone wearers of note, has designed the HD 555s for home cinema and music. They feature an internal Surround Reflector, which apparently generates an “extended spatial sound field”. Sounds a bit hippyish to us, as does the metal mesh over the earpieces that “reduce resonances” to ensure that “harmonic distortion” is kept to a minimum.


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