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So here it is Apple’s fourth generation iPod available frfom today. Sadly there are no huge surprises, just a bit of housekeeping with Apple addressing key issues like battery life. Here are the main differences.

Its thinner – There’s no huge reduction in weight or size, but the fourth gen iPod is slightly slimmer.

It has better battery life – It is up to 12 hours now from the rather pathetic eight hours.

An improved click wheel – There’s a faster and easier to use click wheel on board

Multiple playlists on the go – You can create multiple on-the-go playlists and delete songs from those ad hoc mixes.

Better price – The 40 gig player now costs £299. The lower-capacity model, 20 gigs £219. The 15-gig model is no more.

What’s missing – There are no colour iPods, it is available in white or white. There’s also no 60 gig iPod either.

Availability – No news yet. We think it won’t be until September and that Apple has made the announcement now to take some of the limelight away from the Sony NW-HD1.

Our Verdict

This is no huge leap forward for the iPod. Sure the price reduction and the battery life are good news, but the new Sony NW-HD1 is still smaller, has better battery life (18-30 hours depending on the data rate of the music) and has a few additional features. If Sony matches Apple on price then it clearly has the better product.

Of course the iPod does have the trump card of compatibility with iTunes. So until Sony sorts out its rather lack-lustre Connect music download service the iPod is still likely to remain market leader.

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