The UK's cheapest personal video player?

Personal video players

What with the players from Goodmans and DM Tech flash memory based personal video gadgets seem to be everywhere at the moment.

Latest to join the fray is the PVR-A1 from Mustek, which, for the time being, is available exclusively via Boys Stuff.

At £170 it is one of the cheapest portable video players around and it is also one of the most flexible in that it records direct from your telly and archive DVDs as well as hook up to your PC to receive your video files. The MPEG4 quality video is viewed on its 2.5inch LCD screen.

Other features include MP3 playback, JPEG photo viewing and SD/MMC card reading.

The inevitable catch is that it only boasts 32MB of storage. To watch any amount of video on it you need to ramp this up via SD and MMC cards. Boys Stuff is offering the player with a 512Mb card for a pretty reasonable £269.

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