Dyson delays robot cleaner launch


Fairly big news in the white goods world. It appears that after many months of testing British company Dyson is to pull the plug on its DC06 robot vacuum cleaner.

A a spokesperson recently told trade magazine Electrical Retailing Monthly (ERM) that it had scrapped the DC06 and was “currently working on a new robot [that] incorporates improved DC06 technology and root cyclone cleaning power to deliver a truly autonomous alternative to manual vacuuming cleaning.”

Unveiled in 2001 the DC06 had been billed as the most intelligent domestic appliance for the home ever with more than fifty sensors feeding as many as three onboard computers. Apparently while Dyson seem to have cracked programming the robot, it still feels that there are question marks over robot cleaners’ pick up performance and battery life.

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  • So the DC06 has been pulled and will be replaced by “The Ball” – using the DC06 Technology.

    I have to say that “The Ball” itself, shown rolling around on adverts but viewed “X-ray”-style (with no internal workings) in other promotional material, appears to be the outside of component, several inches across, with rubber ridges embedded into the surface like hoops on a barrel.

    It remains to be seen with just one day to go whether this is the traction unit for a robot vacuum cleaner. Other photography shows it in contact with different items, including tubing and other grey components similar to Dyson’s previous machines.

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